Sunday, April 29, 2007
We are leaving here in the morning headed for Congress which we figure is about 115 miles from here.Wish us well.
We would like to give a special thanks to Andy and Willi for being so good to us.Great people

Just wanted to wish you all well, it has been my pleasure to get to know you all and thouroughly enjoyed our times we shared. Good luck on the trip to Congress. We will all be saying a prayer for you from Parker. Love, Delci and the gang
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deserthuesphotography said...
Hello ! Welcome to Arizona!!
Sorry about the dust.

Are you coming through Salome on Hwy 60 ??
You are more than welcome to park here for 2 or 3 nights for a rest.

We have 2 horses that we keep down the road but I often bring them home and keep them in our yard when I ride on weekends so it should be fine for yours. Our horses won't be here so you don't have to worry about territorial issues. Also I have bermuta hay and mix here that your horses are more than welcome to.

A couple years ago a Long rider stayed with us for 4 days and his mare rested in our front yard.

I will be home all week except Wednesday (I am going to Mexico to have teeth pulled- that is the reason I am staying home the rest of the week}.

Anyway I would be honored to host you. We don't have a lot but do have a shower and washing machine you are welcome to use.
You have your motorhome to sleep in right?

I will be looking for you when I drive my son to an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

I e-mailed my contact information -
Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Joann / Salome Arizona
Daer Edie,
You Are A "New",
Through and Through!
You've Set Your Goal,
You Will Not Fold!
You Are Rough,
You Are Tough!
You Will Not Quit,
Till You Finish All Of It!
I Am So Proud Of You,
Of Your Journey You Persue!
My Prayers Are With Yall,
If You Need Me-Do Call!
I Love You Cuz,
Give Me A Buzz!
Love Ya! Robin
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