Wednesday, April 11, 2007
  New Friends
Wow! Somedays we have no idea when we wake up, who we are going to meet. We were parked on the corner of Indian Cove Road when we met a man named Gene Nelson and his lovely wife, Randee. They were local horse people. He brought us some grass hay, got together with some of his friends and set us up with places to camp for several nights. He and his wife had us to dinner at their home which is on the side of a mountain and has the most spectaculare veiw of the valley below. He has peacocks and they are so beautiful! We stayed with his sister-in-law, Terre, for a night and she was such a sweet person. He set us up to water our horses and get feed at Art Parkers. He has a beautiful horse facility and feed store. We camped near some of his friends, Mitch and Charles' homes. The next night was at a restaurant named the Palms. Gene and one of his riding buddies, Megan, rode with us the next day to Iron Age Road. They were so much help to us, and we enjoyed meeting them and getting to know them. I wish we could have ridden with them more. Gene took some photo's and put them on a disk for us. Through Gene we also met Thurmon and Jannette Carson. They stopped by to see us and check on us several times. They brought us some fly masks for the horses to keep the wind and sand from irritating their eyes. Wonderful people... Lynn Schmakoff was a friend of Gene's also. She was very friendly and helpful as well. See, a whole new circle of friends that we hadn't met yet! It is one of the best parts of being out here. Spreading stroke awareness and meeting wonderful people! Thanks to all of them... they are so appreciated! Andi

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