Saturday, April 21, 2007
  It's a beautiful day!
Today is Saturday and it is a gorgeous day here in Arizona. The sun is shining and there is a cool breeze blowing. There are song birds everywhere and the trees make plenty of shade from the sun. What an oasis this place is compared to the desert we just crossed. From where I am sitting, I can see grass and an emerald green alfalfa field. We have been here for three days and I am still not rested up from our ordeal in the Mojave. It really took a lot out of us. Our hosts, Willie and Andy, took us up to the Parker dam and showed us some breathtaking scenery. We will post some pictures of the beautiful rocks and canyons when we get them uploaded from the camera. There are two companies that I truly want to say thank you to... The first is Ariat Boots. As you know, they have partnered with us to help spread the word about early stroke detection and stroke awareness. They outfitted us with boots and I am soooo thankful to have them. I want to tell you that the boots I chose have a gel pad in them and I have literally walked miles in them while leading my horse through rough, rocky places. I swear, I would have been crippled by now if I had been wearing some of the boots I have worn before I started wearing Ariats. The last day in the desert I ended up walking probably 8 to 10 miles in those boots over very rough terrain. Ariat... you are my hero. The other company I want to thank is Custom Tree and Saddle Company. I have now ridden one of their demo saddles through California and the desert. My horse has not been sore and I have never ridden a more comfortable saddle. The free swing of the fenders on this saddle allow my knees to be in the correct position and I have not had one bit of trouble out of my knees since I began this ride. I am riding the "Mountaineer" outfitted in the western style. I love this saddle! Well, since I think it is important to give credit where credit is due... Hats off to both of these companies who have partnered with us and have made our trip far more comfortable and pleasant. And thanks again to the folks who are caring for my animals and to all the wonderful people we have met along the way that have become our friends and helped us. We love you all... Andi

Hello All,

Hurray! one state down and many to go! Glad to hear that you all made it throught the rough part of the desert safely. We are missing you terribly and are looking forward to your return. Thank you for sharing the pics with us. I especially liked the one when you crossed the state line. I would hope that you get your picture taken at every line that you cross. That would be neat for us to put in our scrap book that we are keeping.

Today is another big day for us as it is Dru's Senior Prom. We are having to deall with the fact that our child is growing up and will be leaving to go to Presbyterian College soon. It is a difficult time for us as parents. We tell you this so we can share with you some of the things that we go through. We do not want you feeling detatched from our lives while you are away. You do such a good job telling us about your joys and travails that it only seems right for us to share with you a bit of home.

We are so proud of all of you. Be careful and keep us posted. Thank you for the time that you take in sharing these experiences with us.

We love you all.
JC and Ruth.
Ariats are the superior boots. Definitely.
I'm glad things are going well!
Hello Andi....finally made it back to your website...lost my password...or more like ...forgot it....anyway...great to see you are enjoying your trip you waited so long for....the girls are doing great....Tyler made varisty cheer...cant believe she is starting high school next year...oh ..a real neat thing happened when we went home to SC for Easter....a lady at our chirch gave me 2 photos...that were taken the very weekend that she came to stay with us.....never had any pics from when she was little... soon as the girls let me know what our summer schedule has cheer camp and Kameryn is going to Washington DC for the National Congressional Youth Leaders Summer Conference for a week....and we're goig to Myrtle Beach for 2 weeks sometime this summer....I'll let you know when we can make it to the caravan in Texas....oh yeah...Kameryn was willing to give up her conference for her week with 'Grandma Andi'...I told her ...dont worry....we'll make time for everything somehow.....not sure how much work I am going to get done....anyway...take care and enjoy

Love, Randy and the girls
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