Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Last night, Marla and I went to a local restaurant. We were told that the Marines that are going to Iraq are usually trained here in 29 Palms. This base and the desert surrounding it simulates the terrain in Iraq more than any other place.

That might also help explain why 10 miles a day on a horse is about all we can put these guys through. Today both horses sunk further into the sand than at any other point in the desert. There is a different critter in this area called a Kittfox (not sure of the spelling). These guys dig tunnels in large areas which is probably what we rode into that cause them to sink so deep. We also rode across dunes...our guys were pretty tired even after only six miles.

Tomorrow we understand there might be a desert road for us to follow to the Palms which is our next camp site. It will be a ten mile ride.

I also want to say hello to all our family and friends. We miss you all so much and appreciate your calls. Keep us in your prayers.


"The Kit Fox has several recognized subspecies. The San Joaquin Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis mutica) was formerly common in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Its range has shrunk and in 1990 the population was estimated at 7,000. It is considered to be endangered.
The Desert Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis arsipus) lives in the Mojave Desert." thefreedictionary.com

Keep the horses legs out of those Kit Fox holes. They're nearly as bad as gopher holes in PA, LOL.

Tally-ho !!!
Good Morning Trekkers!

How are ya'll doing this morning! I'm at work and just wanted to check in and wish ya'll a great and safe day..I'm thinking of ya'll, Miss ya'll...Love, Sis
You all have influenced me to study heart disease in women and in about 10 minutes I am having my first Heart Health Care for Women class for my seniors and for my mental health clients. I plan on starting out by telling your stories. Thank you.
Edie, I hate we missed ya'll when you were in Abbeville but we didn't make it up there that weekend. I know ya'll hated losing Wanda but I guess the show must go on. Ya'll be careful in the desert, it sounds like it can be pretty tough out there. well ya'll have fun and we will see you when you get home. Be careful and we are praying for all of you.
Kenny & Danette
hello all!

I love reading the blogs. I really wish that I could have gone out there with you. If we would be able to afford it I would have love to have gone with you to help out with what I could, eventhough I am not real crazy about horses. I am jealous of all the stuff that you guys have gotten to see. Thats why I look forward to reading your blogs and seeing the pics. Oh well... I guess that will have to do.

I miss you all and love you all as well. Be safe and God Bless you.

Hey guys!

Glad to hear that you all are doing well. Sorry to hear that Wanda left. I know that she will be missed by you all. Hopefully, you are adjusting well to the change. I know that all three of you are very strong women and will be albe to adapt. I often look at you three with wonderment and awe because of the task that you have chosen to undertake! I have said it before and I will say it again... I am so proud of all of you. I hope that you all are safe and that your jouney through the desert is not too daunting. Get home to us safely. We miss you and love you terribly!

Good Morning Trekkers,

Ya'll have been in my thoughts alot this past w/e. I hope you all enjoyed each other's fellowship on this past holiday w/e. Ya'll were certainly in the thoughts and prayers of many here in Anderson, S.C. and at my church. I hope your weather has been good. It is comforting to have the confidence in the three of you's ability as the dynamic trio that you are knowing that ya'll will be making sound decisions in taking care of yourselves along the way and facing challenges head on...
Ya'll are doing a great job and inspiring so many people along the way--take care of yourselves,the horses and your best friend and comrade,Amos..Love to all, Sis
I hope you had a great Easter. I had you in my thoughts. Hope all is well.

Happy Easter!
Naja is still doing fine. She's been eating a LOT, so hopefully she'll be nice and fat by the time you get home, Andi.
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