Sunday, April 01, 2007
  Gene and Randee
Today is Sunday and, as you know, we don't ride on Sundays. Yesterday, when we came in here, we had a couple of visitors right away. Gene Nelson and his wife, Randee, came by to see who we were and what we are about. They are local horse people and they were excited about helping us get routed around 29 Palms. They have called their friends and have set us up with a place each night for three or four nights. They have involved other horsemen, and a friend of theirs is contacting the radio station for coverage while we are here. Lynn, one of the contacts they introduced us to has been very helpful as well. I can't believe the wonderful people we are meeting out here and how willing they are to help us. We were out of grass hay and Gene showed up with a partial bale for last night and this morning. We will be able to buy some hay from him before we leave. It is a wonderful thing to see how people are all pulling together and getting behind us. Gene and Randee had an unexpected family emergency that required them to go out of town today. In spite of that fact, Gene came by and gave us the directions we would need, actually took me to our first stop so I would know where it was, and helped us find the vet that we would need, to issue us the next health certificates on the horses before we cross into Arizona. He did that before he left town. We hope all is well with his family and that God will watch over them. Love to all... Andi

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