Friday, April 20, 2007
  Farewell to California...
We have arrived in Parker, Arizona and have left the great state of California and the formidable Mojave behind us. The last twenty miles of California was the most difficult of all. Edie and I found ourselves in a vast maze of deep ravines and gullies that were too steep for the horses to climb in or out of. Thanks to Edie's keen sense of direction, we were finally able to make our way out of the maze and into the small town of Big River which was six miles south of where we going to cross the Colorado River in Parker. It was as if the desert knew that she had us in her grip and was determined to not let us get out. We could see the river, we could see the green irrigated fields on the other side but we just couldn't seem to get there. At last we were at the bridge that crosses the Colorado. The Parker Police Department had agreed to help us cross the bridge, and unlike the Victorville Police Department, they were true to their word. An officer met us at the bridge and made what was potentially a difficult and dangerous crossing a safe and comfortable crossing for us and the horses. He blocked the traffic on the Arizona side while Marla rode Tonto behind us to block the traffic coming from California. We were able to take the horses right down the middle of the bridge without a hitch. We certainly appreciate them. We were very glad to be in Arizona.
While in the Mojave, we rode through an awful sand storm that closed down I-40, we fell into an earthquake crack that was filled with sand, we rode over one hundred miles without seeing a single telephone pole, house or store of any kind and we stumbled our way through deep drifting sand and dodged a million gopher holes. We had to deal with cactus and boards full of nails hidden in the sand to discourage 4 wheelers but could have crippled our horses... we avoided barbed wire snares and had to ride our horses across rail road trestles. We have made it to the other side and come out safely. I think I can safely say that we are the first three women, (two riders and a support crew of one,) from Abbeville that have ridden horses across the state of California and the Mojave Desert! We will stay here in Parker for about a week to rest and recuperate. Then we will be on our way once more to see what the state of Arizona holds for us. We could not have succeeded this far without the prayers and support from our friends and loved ones. We miss and love all of you... Keep us in your prayers... Love to all... Andi

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