Saturday, April 14, 2007
Easter has always been a special day for me. I have always loved a sunrise service on Easter mornings. This Easter, all three of us got up before sunrise and waited for the sun to peak over the mountain. We had our own little communion service with grape juice and unleavened bread just as the sun made it's appearance. Later that evening we had a time of prayer and spiritual sharing of thoughts. It was a wonderful day. We met Doug Taillon and his son, A.J. They are riding bicycles from San Juan Capistrano to the east coast. They are crewed by Dougs wife and they are joined by three of their grandchildren. We wish them our best on their journey. They expect to be home by June. Hi to everyone at home. I miss you all very much. Love, Andi

Happy Belated Easter and Easter Eve girls........Be Careful out there
Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
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