Sunday, April 15, 2007
  Dust and sand storm

This is the best we could do to show how the dust/sand storm appeared. The top left picture was actually taken the first day after the storm so you can see the mountains. The top right picture shows the storm as it approached. The bottom left is during the storm but believe me, it was during light part. None of us were snapping pictures during the worst part - lol!!
The Mojave just wanted to let us know we were far from the full desert experience. I am still getting sand out of my ears and nose.

Hi Trekkers,

Hope your day of rest was just that yesterday...not ready to start the week but here I am! Hope ya'll have a productive week with no sand storms! Are ya'll out of the path of them? I hope so.
Hopefully ya'll will be in AZ by the end of the week, another state, that's progress!!
Love to all, Miss ya'll, Sis
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