Thursday, April 26, 2007
We are still in Parker .You would not believe the trouble we have had finding someone to come put shoes on the horses!!Just a few minutes ago,we got a call and someone will be here tomorrow around noon.Thank goodness.The horses toes have grown too long to take them any farther.Our host,Willi and Andy,are just wonderful to us but...we are ready to move on.We have ants in our pants!!!Hopefully we will be moving on Saturday morning.
The days are getting very hot so I think the girls will have to start splitting their schedule.Some riding in the morning till lunch time and then let it cool off a bit and ride again in the late afternoon.They don't call it the desert for nothing!!Andi says we get right into another desert from here and then the prairie.Don't know the difference,it's hot everywhere!
I sure do miss all of you and am a little sad to be missing the yearly river float at home for the first time.One of the little sacrafices we are making.
We were interviewed by the Parker paper and made the front page again.It's so funny to walk by a news stand and see your face in it.Or have people recognize you.We are getting the word out there and it feels really good to be doing something positive .Besides,I can float the river next year(please J&T).
I ask that you take just a minute after reading this blog and call someone you know.Tell them about us and our mission and ask them to visit our site.Ask them to make sure and check out the Stroke Detection page.It may just save the life of someone they love.

I guess that's all for now.I love you and miss you.
Take care and thanks for helping us!

You guys are amazing. I hope you know the impact you are having here at home. My senior heart health class I am offering to my residents is going well and my husband and I are looking at major lifestyle changes. Thank you.
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