Tuesday, April 03, 2007
On March 27, for personal reasons Wanda Paradice left The Carolina Trekkers and returned home to SC.

We have been able to make adjustments to our daily routine and once again progressing smoothly. Her decision in no way compromises this ride and our work out here.

We are now entering the most feared part of this trek....the desolate part of the Majove. However, a guardian angel name Gene, a local horseman, has made it his personal mission to find camps for us along the way. He plans to ride with us on Saturday. We believe he is an answer to the many prayers that surround us on a daily basis.

The Carolina Trekkers

Well I finally made it home. Took four long days and six buses, but I made it.
Hope all goes well for you girls. Stay safe. I have a lot to do so I will holler later.
Hello Carolina Trekkers,

I am so proud of ya'll! Ya'll are an awesome group of women! Everywhere I go, new acquaintances are asking- "How are those horsewomen doing?" "Where are they?" This is at my work, at my church and at the beginning of every Sunday school class when we take prayer requests, the leader, Charles always wants to know how the Trekkers are doing. I am also hearing more and more about women having strokes, ya'll are spreading the word across the U.S. about such an important and increasingly prevalent cause---Stroke Awareness... I am enjoying reading the blog and the challenges you are facing so well!
I am glad you will have someone that is familiar with some of the situations out there.

Ya'll are doing a great job!! We are keeping the home fires burning for ya'll-and ya'll are in my prayers day and night...Ya'll are in my thoughts every a.m and evening when I am riding to and from work.
Andi you won't believe Laci's size. I am gonna have to buy her the next size choke chain, she is really filling out!
I miss ya'll and love ya'll.
Talk to you all again soon.
Keep up the great work you are doing...Take care of yourselves and God continue to Bless you...Love and hugs, Sis
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