Tuesday, April 10, 2007
I cannot believe we are getting so close. I just wanted to do a quick blog to let everybody know that we are through the roughest part of the Mojave. We are only 55 miles from Parker, AZ - this is huge. We all have lots of great things to share but have just gotten into camp and have lots to do for the evening. Just wanted to take a minute to let you know we are all ok and will blog later.


Good Morning!

It is great that you will soon be in another STATE!! That is great...Ya'll are making great strides...Just wanted to say hello..thinking of ya'll, praying for ya'll, Love ya'll...Sis
HEADS-UP!! May is NATIONAL STROKE AWARENESS month. NBC will be airing BRAIN ATTACK: A STROKE SURVIVAL GUIDE beginning April 14th. PBS will be airing a stroke documentary in May, LIVING AFTER STROKE: CONVERSATIONS WITH COUPLES.
For those of us who have access and not Trekking across the desert, check your local listings.
I hope many were watching NBC Today Show this morning during an excerpt of the upcoming special, BRAIN ATTACK. According to the doctor on NBC, "... during a stroke ... a part of the brain the size of a pea dies every 12 minutes." I will never look at peas on my plate the same; and, I will never take 12 minutes for granted again.
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