Saturday, March 31, 2007
  We're Back!!!!!!!!
Our trip to SC was wonderful, it was great seeing our family. The wedding was so sweet and the bride was gorgeous. Trevor was very handsom in his tux and the love of his "to be" bride shown brightly when she was coming down the aisle toward him. No doubt about the love between them. As with all young couples, we pray for their love and marriage to last.

It actually took me a couple of days to get accustomed to the conveniences of a normal home. When I got ready to take a shower, I was surprised to think that I didn't have to go outside and light the hot water heater. I also realized that my body was missing the riding routine. My legs starting to getting sore and stiff.

Yesterday (Friday), we were fully back into our routine. I have to say, I think it was the greatest riding yet. We still had the discomforts of the riding desert riding terrain but there was a renewed excitement about our cause. My whole heart and soul is brimming with love and peace.

Marla and I didn't have any real time at the Yucca Valley Equestrian Center since we literally flew out the day we arrive and rode out the morning after our return. Our sincerest and deepest appreciation to Steve and Cindy for allowing our horses to stay there and rest up for the ride across the Majove. The also opened a rental house for use (shower and kitchen) while we were gone. Thank you both for your generosity.

As of today, we are only about 9 miles from 29 Palms. Our plan is to ride to the outer skirts of town today and as usual, take Sunday for a day of rest. Monday morning, we are going to get our horses' health certificate to cross over into AZ and pick our way across the city of 29 Palms. It will not be too difficult, there is desert land behind the city.

One last thing...we are experiencing technical difficulty with our air card carrier. We have not had signal and have not been able to blog until today. As we cross the Majove, I am certain we will have other problems with signals. closing, it is great to be back on my Whiskey. I think he actually missed me even though he would never admit it. He responded quite well to my voice and we settled into our riding routine very quickly.

Take care...we love you all and hope to continue blogging at least a few more days.


GOSH, it's great knowing ya'll are back on the trail and moving closer to your goal. The winds should be at your back now and there's not much traffic in the desert.
Giddy-up Lil Trekkers!!!
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