Sunday, March 25, 2007
  The Wedding
Edie and I are in S.C. In case you didn't know,my daughter Leslie got married on Saturday and we came home for the wedding. And it was beautiful. Leslie married a young man named Trevor. She is just crazy about him. We got in on Thursday and saw Leslie and Shelby Friday afternoon at the rehearsal. They both spent the night with us,along with Leslie's best friend Becca, at our friends Jennifer and Troye.We had a ball. The wedding went off as planned and Edie and I were very pleased. Leslie was simply divine in her dress .And Shelby was stunning. Leslie and Trevor left for their honeymoon in Pigeon Forge Tenn. and will return Monday evening.I hope we get to see them one more time before we return to California on Wednesday night.
Thanks to Andi and Wanda for holding down the fort while we are gone.
Love to all,
p.s. pictures will be coming soon!

Not only were Leslie and Shelby beautiful, their mom looked quite beautiful herself.( Edie was pretty hot too). I know they were glad to be able to be here for the wedding and glad to be going back to their cause.
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