Sunday, March 11, 2007
The weather is great right now. Hopefully it will stay this way for us. It gets a little warm during the day and kind of cool at night, but nothing like it will be later. We don't have to worry too much at this point about dehydration and the girls wear sunscreen to keep from burning. The wind gives them chapped lips more than anything.

Tina, the pictures of your wedding are beautiful. Sorry I couldn't make it. Congrats to you and Daniel. I think he has the one of the best wife's ever. Surely I don't sound biased.

Thanks to you and the rest of our families for sharing us. We are working our way home. All of you are special too.


Thanks mom for filling me in on the details, stuff like that you don't think about if you're not actually involved. (And sometimes its too late to think about after you are involved.) In this case I'm proud to know that you all planned in advance. The desert is fierce!!
Kisses and hugs!
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