Saturday, March 10, 2007
What a set-up these guys have. Their trailer had everything from a firing furnace, metal cutting and grinding equipment to a mini office with a computer and printer.

When I first bought Whiskey, the AZ ferrier had intentionally left the wall a little long due to some bruising on his sole. During our rocky ride on Thursday made me miserable thinking his feet might be hurting, even though he never really showed signs by stumbling or limping. Marla found the Walt Brown Ferrier Service online and they rearranged their schedule and came out to us. This area of the desert can go from rocks to sand in a short distance.

Whiskey and Jericho now sport front shoes that have a piece of leather nailed between the shoe and the sole of their hoof. There is a shock absorbing material that not only helps reduce shock but it also molds and fills the space between the leather and the sole. And...that ain't all. The sole is medicated to prevent thrush in the even of moist areas. I don't see us running into that anytime soon - lol. This substance also prevents small rocks or other debris from becoming entrapped between the leather and the hoof sole.

Since the pad is leather, we are saying that our boys now have their own new pair of Ariats - lol. As you can tell, we love those boots. I wonder if Ariat makes a motorcycle tire to fit Tonto. He seems to be the only team member without a pair now.

We had taken a picture of Walt and Andy but for some reason it will not upload. Some of these pics are just whipping me, I tried for an hour or more but will try again tonight. Hopefully, we will be able to show you them and their trailer.

We also want to thank them. They donated their labor to our cause. This came at a real good time for us and was a true blessing. Thank you guys....and God bless.


I would love to see a picture of all your new riding boots!! Including Jericho and Whiskey's! If you do get a pair for Tonto, please spare me from even having to ask, show us Tonto's boots! LOL!
Wait a minute, what about Amos!!? Does he have a pair of boots too?! LOL!!
I just want to say that we had a great time helpin "yall" out. It gave my brother and I a break from our normal routine and provided a few laughs on the way home. We were wondering if Amos Moses is named after the Jerry Reed song. Anyway, it was our honor to help out some real women that care about a cause. Thanks for the nice post also!
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