Wednesday, March 07, 2007
  Today's Decision
I traded my Appaloosa named Whiskey for a draft horse makes my hiney look so much smaller. (Just kidding - and Peggy, you cannot prove that I stole this from you)

Give credit where credit's due. Bumper Sticker noticed in Michael Wildenstein's Farrier shop at Cornell U: RIDE A DRAFT, MAKE YOUR [HINDQUARTERS] LOOK SMALLER. We all know what term fits in place of "hindquarters".
Edie, this IS your solution! LOL
Awwwww Edie I had a draft horse...he was the best horse I ever owned!!!! Plus they do make you hindquarters look smaller...LOL!!!! Love ya'll!!!!
Poor Whiskey, I was just getting to know him. I really gonna miss him! :-(
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