Tuesday, March 20, 2007
I have a little story to tell,I may not have all of the facts right,but we want to share it with you.
Remember Val and David?Val sent us a message about a young man whose mother is in Val's church group His name is Brian Clow.
Brian had a report assignment for school and chose us as his subject.If I remember correctly,Brian is 8 years old.Anyway,Brian wrote his report on us and turned it in.Not only was it a good report,he won an award for it and...his class took up money and sent us a donation!!!
Thank you Brian.What a nice thing for us.If you will send us the report you wrote,we'd like to post it here for everyone to share.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Congratulations Brian on your award and the Donation from class.

Safe Travel,
Carolina Trekkers
I am having to catch up in pieces. It is SO inspiring to read about all the help you guys are getting. Heck, you guys are inspiring. My sister, changing the world with her friends. I am so proud and humbled by you all, but especially by you Marla. I love you so much.
What a great young man and wonderful thing for him to do! I can't WAIT to read Brian's report.
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