Thursday, March 29, 2007
Since we left Ventura, the weather in California has been mostly in the eighties and low nineties. We have had a few cool days where it was in the high seventies. The other evening, Steve, our host here at the equestrian center, stopped by to let us know we were going to have "some weather". Well, let me tell you what that means in California! In South Carolina, when we have 75 plus mile an hour winds, it comes with rain and we call it a hurricane! Out here it had no rain but about blew the RV into oblivion. I hardly slept all night! Then the next day, a huge black cloud settled over us and the temperature dropped to 28 degrees. The next thing I knew... it was snowing big fat flakes and blowing so hard they were flying horizontally... Today... it is in the low seventies and gorgeous... go figure! Well, we leave out again in the morning. Next destination, 29 Palms. Last stop before we head out across the dreaded 115 miles of nothing until we hit Parker, Arizona. Keep us in your prayers... we love and miss everyone... Andi

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