Saturday, March 03, 2007
  Saturday, March 3rd
Once again, we woke up to a gorgeous California morning. We are leaving the orange groves and avacado groves and heading up Copper Hill Canyon towards Green Valley. The terrain is changing rapidly and we have finally left the tremendous congestion of the urban traffic in L.A. county behind us. There is some snow on the ground here, in sparse patches, to remind us that we are gaining altitude. We are learning some interesting things while on this journey. The first is that a shower is one of lifes most underestimated luxuries. Especially for Wanda... It seems like each time she tries to get a shower, something interupts it. Running out of warm water, or just running out of water in general. Both Wanda and Marla have been good about letting us go first when we come in from riding. We appreciate these little sacrifices that our crew makes for us. Another thing Edie and I have learned is not to assume anything about the terrain out here. Just because the terrain looks like it would go over a cut in the road... it probably doesn't. Then it means backtracking anywhere from a quarter of a mile to a half mile. I would hate to calculate how many additional miles we have ridden, trying to pick our way through cross country trails. I can now say that our horses can cross railroad trestles, and go through spooky sounding tunnels beneath the expressways... They should be trail horses supreme by the time we get home! I think there are better ways to travel through California traffic congestion than on horseback. Marla has been going ahead of us and running back and forth on her Harley. She touches base with us several times a day to let us know how much further we have to go to the campsite they have chosen for us. She has been fighting the wind and it is tough on the motorcycle. The wind blows constantly and makes riding more difficult for both horse riders and motorcycle riders. Meanwhile, back at the camp... Wanda is worrying about all of us. She likes it at night when all the bunnies are back in the hutch! Well, there is alot to do, so I guess I'll close for now. Keep us in your prayers. Andi

WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!! Glad to see that you are making your way home. I have wished 100 times if I have wished once that I could be with you. this seems like an adventure that anyone would love to accomplish. I can only think of all the neat things that you are all going to see and experience.

Mom, I am so very, very proud of you. I cannot seem to find the words to express how much so. I love you! You are an inspiration to more people than you could ever know. Scratch Jericho on his chest for me.

Edie, Thank you so much for all that you have done to make this happen and for sharing in this experience with Andi. I am very proud of you as well. You are a very special person and we all love you. You are truly, a great friend.

Marla, Thanks for keeping everyone safe! I know that you have a tremendous load on your shoulders "clearing the path" for Mom and Edie. I appreciate you trememdously and I am really glad to have gotten to know and love you. We love you and are very proud of you as well. P.S. Tell "Harley" that we appreciate him to!

Wanda, Thank you for all you do as well. I know it can't be an easy thing getting the camp all set up with all that needs to get done. I appreciate your concern for all until they get "safely home". We are proud of you as well and love you bunches for taking care of our loved ones!

Take care everybody and keep letting us know how things are going. You are all missed terribly.
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