Wednesday, March 14, 2007
  On our way to Yucca Valley
Tonight we are camping just outside Apple Valley, CA. The plate back morraine mountains just in walking distance behind us are incredible. We will be posting pictures tomorrow.

Oh....meant to tell you, Marla and I replaced the master cylinder on the RV and the brakes are great. I called my brother, Kenny, and he cautioned me about bench-bleeding the master cylinder before replacing it. We did but still had to bleed the lines. Marla and I worked out a system that did the job but the first attempt spewed fluid all in my face and mouth - lol. It doesn't matter, our brakes are now "fixed" and we did it pretty cheap.

We learned a hard lesson with Victorville and want to thank Pam for helping get us to this area and avoid all the traffic congestion. It is funny, we are only about 10 miles from the fairgrounds but the travel is extremely different. I am looking forward to getting back to what has become our normal day of riding in the desert.

When we reach Yucca Valley, Marla and I are planning to travel back to SC for a couple of days so the ride will be on a short "hold" until we return. Her daughter, Leslie will marry Trevor Hewitt on March 24. Marla is so proud of her girls and talks about them frequently. I know she is excited about the wedding but also about getting to see her girls. I will also have a short opportunity to see my family, too. I cannot wait and unless they read this blog, they won't know it until I walk in the door. Ok...I will probably tell them in advance but would love to surprise them.

OK...enough for now. Will blog more with the pics tomorrow.

Love to all;

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I can't wait to see you guys.
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