Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Well,here we are on the edge of the desert.Didn't make much progress today.Sometimes,the traffic is very bad and dangerous and we have to call it quits early.Hopefully,just a few more miles and we will be on BLM land(bureau of land management)and the riding becomes much easier and hopefully more miles every day.The first week of riding has been more difficult than I had expected.
The land here is different from home.Blades of grass are only found in places like buisnesses or occasionally homes but not on the side of the road or even in some parks.There is a lot of brush and small trees and rocks.Lots of rocks!!It gets really warm during the day.(which my bones like alot.)
There has been almost 1000 miles on Tonto(my bike) since it was unloaded in Arizona and I enjoy being able to ride so much.It's also a game now to see just how much I can tote on it.I go to the store and bring home 3 packs of buns,1/2 gallon of milk,hot dogs,hamburger and a little bit of chocolate!(for me).
So,life is anything but usual anymore.Don't really know what will be around the next corner or what the day will bring.But rest assured,we're ready for whatever it might be!
That's all for tonight.
Love to you,

Am enjoying the pics and write up every day or so. I'm glad ya'll expect better terrain. I'm convinced ya'll can face whatever comes though.
Hope ya'll have a great day of travelling, you'll be that much closer to home at the end of the day...Love and miss ya'll. Sis
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