Thursday, March 08, 2007
  The Old and the New
In the beginning of this ride, we were dreading the long stretch of the Mojave Desert. Now, as we are beginning to enter the fringes of the desert, we see it from a new perspective. After dealing with the horrendous problems we had in the Ventura and Los Angeles county traffic, the desolation of the desert is a welcome reprieve. We can now ride as far from the highway as we feel is safe to avoid traffic problems, but we can see the road in order to not lose our way. As we were looking off into the distance, yesterday, we could see the silver ribbon of highway full of busy vehicles transporting busy people to appointments in their busy lives. For us, riding our horses for so many miles... time takes on a new dimension. One of the things that I have had difficulty with, is getting my pin number from my bank in order to be able to access my account while I am out here. Finally, yesterday, the bank called with my pin number while Edie and I were on our horses, riding in the desert. Neither of us had a pen or pencil or paper to write it down. We wrote the number in the dirt and then put it in Edie's phone as a phone number so we wouldn't forget it when we got to camp that evening. It was a strange blend of the most primitive means of note taking and modern technology. The other observation that I made was as I stared across the desert terrain. I can't imagine the early settlers even thinking of trying to traverse this terrain with any sort of unmotorized wheeled conveyance! My hat is totally off to the early people who crossed this country. Well, Wanda made us a huge breakfast, so I better get busy and work it off. I miss and love everyone .... Andi

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