Saturday, March 31, 2007
  More new friends...
We had a wonderful day of riding yesterday. Probably the best one yet. The weather was perfect, (although I wish the wind would quit for awhile!) and the going was easy. Jericho is having a little bit of trouble with the wind and blowing sand. He had an injury to his eye when I bought him and we worked for several months to get it cleared up. Now, the wind seems to irritate it and makes it tear up. This morning it was a little swollen and red. We have a short ride today, and then I will try to get him a fly mask to protect his eye from the wind and see if that helps. I am putting medicine in the eye again. It should clear up by the time we ride out of 29 Palms.

He is turning into such a great horse. He has calmed down quite a bit, although he can still be a handful sometimes. He seems to know we have a job to do out here. He is becoming more and more responsive and affectionate to me. We are bonding in a deeper way and I love it. We are working on overcoming some of the trauma he experienced in the early part of our journey with the traffic. He is doing well and getting more relaxed in traffic every day.

There is such a sense of peace and tranquility out here. It broaches a plane of spirituality that is hard to experience in the hustle bustle of everyday life. We are meeting interesting people and sharing our information for stroke awareness every day. Yesterday, while we were sitting down to a wonderful supper that Marla had prepared for us, we had some visitors. Nick Clements and his lovely wife, Lynn, stopped by when they saw the Carolina Trekkers banner on the trailer. They do photography and were doing a fashion shoot somewhere here in California. They are from London, England and were on their way back to Los Angeles. From there they were going home to London. They were very interested in what we are doing and were anxious to see our website. They were sweet and interesting people and I hope they will email us when they get home. We were very pleased to be able to meet and visit with them.

As we head into this desolate part of the desert, please keep us in your prayers and we will keep you all in ours... Andi

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