Saturday, March 10, 2007
  Marla at work

Here is Marla with Tonto packed from one of her routine trips. On this particular return, she has: a new coffeemaker, 5 drinks, 2 quarts of oil, a veggie net, 2 tank tops, 2 bags of candy and a new net for packing more stuff on Tonto. I wonder what people think that might see her frequently going up and down the highway. If it was me, I would be asking "wonder what she will try to carry on that thing next" - lol. I suspect if we have a sick horse, she might try to carry it to a vet instead of using a trailer.

You all write to us....ya hear!!


LOL! Edie, that's hilarious! I can just see Momma riding around into town with a big ol' horse on the back of her bike. haha. That's funny...

Love you guys!
Kicking Horse
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