Saturday, March 17, 2007
As you all know, Jericho and I had not had much time to get to know each other before the trip. He is a little more hyper than Whiskey and can be a little bit contankerous. I have to say, after what we have been through with the traffic and some of the other difficulties that we have had, he has come through like a champ. He knows now that he has a job to do almost everyday... He usually leads out, but he keeps his eye on Whiskey and doesn't like it when he loses sight of Edie and Whiskey. I sometimes have to make him do little maneuvers around tumbleweeds to get his mind back on his job and pay attention to me. He is doing better. I told Edie that he might have to have therapy when we get home and seperate him from Whiskey! He might have to put him in a detox center so he can get clean from Whiskey! Maybe it will require intervention... Only kidding... Jericho is doing great. I am gaining a tremendous amount of respect for the little roan Quarter Horse that I am sharing my journey with right now. He does anything I ask of him, and usually does it willingly. I am really proud of him.

We are leaving Lucerne Valley today and I will miss it. We have met some wonderful people here. The desert is beautiful here and the weather is hot, but there is usually a pleasant little breeze that makes it comfortable. Well, guess we better get going... Happy St. Patty's Day.... Andi

hey that is so cool!!! hope u hav fun!!!!kam
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hyke said...

Got some time tonight and y'all were on my mind. Mabie says to say hello to each of you brave girls for doing what you are doing. Andi, we read all of the blogs and found them to be very interesting. Keep going and do what you do best and that is everything that you touch or go after.

Love Ya
Jericho loves his brother Whiskey, you'll have to get a barn big enough for the both of them to live in now becaues there's no seperating them after this long journey!
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