Tuesday, March 06, 2007
  Home Sweet Home

They say home is where you lay your head....well, this is home for now. This place has a lot of Joshua trees (top left pic). I would have just thought they were short palms...lol. Andi says she heard a story of how they got their name. She said legend has it that in the desert, at a distance they looked like a person waving. They would get disoriented trying to find the person waving at them. A bit of trivia...lol.

We left Lazy T ranch as planned Monday morning. The first part of the ride was great. A woman that lives on the ranch took through terrain to avoid quite a bit of traffic. She had three big dogs that ran ahead playing and hunting while we rode. One of them jumped a huge jackrabbit and both were running our way, it was too cool. Don't worry, the rabbit never really had a threat. The further they ran the more distance there was between them.

Marla and Wanda found a place for camp, that is the picture above. We never really know what the backdrop of home will be, it was beautiful last night. There was a great sunset and a full moon.

We started out this morning but neither of us had a good feeling about the route that we had planned. We had gotten out a couple of miles and decided to head back. We have mapped a different way and Marla just left on her Harley to scope things out for us. We believe we only have 5 more miles of this traffic with which to deal. I sure hope that is true.

We received an e-mail from my Preach Darren Hook. We appreciate so much the words of prayer and encouragement we receive from everybody.
Take care and love to all;

This post was so well written, I thought it was Wanda ... LOL.
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