Sunday, March 18, 2007
What a week this has been.The desert is a whole new thing for me.Not only is it's appearance strange to me but the sun and wind are sooo different from home. It doesn't seem so hot because there is usually a good wind but ,let me tell you,it will flat burn you up. Even 30 sunblock doesn't keep you from burning. If there is no wind you feel like you are on a pit slow roasting!
I went to the store on Tonto today and while I was there I meet a lady by the name of Liz Hayes(I think).She pulled up on her work horse type buggy(sorry Julie) and as she got out ,I noticed she walked like Julie so I asked if she was a stroke victim. Of course she said that she was so I went into my spill about what we are doing.Much to my surprise,she told me that come September ,she and her trusted dogs will leave Lucerne Valley in her buggy(sorry Julie) and make their ways to Washington D.C. in protest of senior citizens(which she is ) insurance and health benefits.You go Ms. Liz Hayes!!!May God watch over you.
I am constantly surprised by people.There are so many people who have all the reasons they need to sit quietly and let life pass them by but they don't! No sir.They don't give up.So I say here's to all of the Julies and Marys and Lizs in the world.If you can keep going...we can too.I love you all and admire you.
To those of us who have our health,please do all you can to help.People need us to be aware of how devastating a stroke can be to all whose lives they touch.Help us to make life a little easier for someone who suffers a stroke and gets the immediate attention they need.Through awareness and research ,a stroke victims life and the lives of their loved ones can be so much better.
Ok, I'm off my soap now. My daughter Leslie is getting married this coming Saturday. I can hardly believe it. Leslie,we love you darlin' and wish you and Trevor the very best. We will see you on Friday.Love you. To everyone else,I hope you have a great week and ...I love you too!

Hey Gals! Hope uou all are well. Please pass on to Edith Irene that I need her to call me. Since her cell isn't working, I can not locate the other cell phone # she gave me, and I need to talk with her about the flight thing. (I got a call about it today from US Airways.) Thanks, and please don't eat to much dust! :-) Love you Ladies (and you too E. D.) Annie G
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