Tuesday, March 13, 2007
I would like to ask all of to please pass this web site on to all you know.Our personal lists can only take us so far.We need YOUR help!!
Love ya',

Hey Ms Marla,
Good idea. I've been passing your site around all along, but it's nice to have the Host's blessing. Heck, I even gave it to the IRS, lol. I catch myself writing it down for others, too. Just today, I was posting it in the local Massage Clinic on Main Street, just tryin' to spread the good word, grin.
I read some of the local news today in Victorville which included a deviate lowlife carjacking a young couple and leaving them along the freeway stark naked. It's a good thing Mz Edie wasn't left like that on the bridge you held up for her yesterday, huh?!
Great job, Gal!
Are there any photos of Edie & Andi riding, together? Is anyone getting these action clips on video; or, are the movie rights already sold? Didn't anyone contact National Geographic...?
Hope your repairs and recoups go well tomorrow.
Hugs all'round,
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