Friday, March 02, 2007
The last few days ,since we actually started,have been something else.We have seen some beautiful places and met some great people.The riding has been very hard on Edie and Andi.The roads we have had to take out of Santa Paula were not bad until the truckers wanted to "salute" them by blowing thier horns,which the horses did NOT like.They would ride a certain path and then dicover they couldn't make it and have to turn around and ride back so thier 18 miles quickly turns into more.They and the horses are very tired.Training is tough!!!
I have gone quite a few miles on the Harley.I ride ahead trying to find a place to stay for the night which takes a good bit of time.Then I go back and forth between the RV and the girls and tell them how much farther they have to go.All in all, it is working out well.
We hope to be in a position to ride out Palmdale by Monday and there is a young horseman getting trail maps for us.We are all excited to be past the city.
It's 10pm here and we are all tired so I will close for now.
I love you all and miss you everyday.
I want to say thanks to Troye for calling and telling us you miss us.

Hello girls just a line to say I know Andi and Edie can handle a little ruff going!I am sorry there's a need for it but I have every confidence in them!
Hang in there,
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