Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Andi and I left out on the horses around 10:00 am. When she planned the trip, a police officer from Victorville said we should not attempt to enter the city without an escort. He even volunteered himself to help us out. Of all days, he was on vacation. With Marla's map and motorcycle help, we avoided most of the congestion entering the city but could not avoid the fact that we had to cross over I-15. We had already crossed over one interstate and horses don't like traffic flowing under them. When they don't like something, they show it by dancing around and the traffic will not slow to a dancing horse. It can be real scary to say the least. Our original plan was to have the RV block traffic by driving slowly behind us. That plan got foiled when Wanda called and said she had NO BRAKES. She was able to let them cool and pump up enough to get to the fairground where we would be staying. We crossed back over and found a passage that was 2 lanes instead of four lanes. We stood in the direct heat for about 45 mins. trying to get help crossing. Finally, Marla put on an orange vest and when the traffic slowed, she pulled out into the lane and blocked traffic. She was cool...holding her hand up with all the authority of an actual cop. We were finally able to cross. It can be difficult to explain how only 10 miles can take only a few hours and then like yesterday.....we fought in the sun (no cooling breeze at all) for nearly 8 hours. We were exhausted last night.

Looks like we will be replacing a master cylinder today and head back out on Wednesday. We are expecting reporters today, I sure Marla and I are not under the RV trying to fix it when they arrive - lol.

A day like yesterday lets me know the prayers are with us. It is not always the obsticles, we know we will have them. It is that none of them caused us any harm or real damage. Thanks to all who are praying for us.


Mz Edie,
All I could think reading your bridge story was about you not having a helmet on. I sure hope someone will send you one and you'll consider wearing it, at least around traffic. Heck, put an orange flourescent strip on it and just stick your arm out like Marla did for you today. Riding under Whiskey's influence shouldn't be that hard, not for you. Even mounted Police have the good sense to wear a helmet. Really, what is your skull against a concrete slab? I'm sure Miss Julia would tell you the same. Your head IS hard Ma'dam, but not THAT hard.
DO be careful,
That really worries me! You guys are too close to danger. I vote you wait for the escort next time!!!! You're gonna give me a heart attack!
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