Sunday, March 04, 2007
  Even on an off day of riding

Even on a day the girls are not riding they still work the horses to keep them in shape. Here Andi is lunging Jerico to make sure he is staying in condition.
We are staying at Lazy T Ranch and they have been wonderful to us. It is amazing the great people we have met. They have a great place here to ride with 80 miles of trails without ever crossing a road. They have a 50' round pen, a 55' Bull pen, a full size show arena and two really large corrals.A soda pop saloon, a cowboy social corner, Lots of stalls and several wash racks. They have ninety horses here right now. Their place looks just like a small town. Reminds me a little of Love Valley in N.C.
We really appreciate all they have done for us. A special thanks to Jay for allowing us to share time with them at their beautiful ranch. We also want to thank Joe, Denise, Naya and Mrs. T. We really send thanks out to Joe and Denise for shareing all the ways to go to keep Andi and Edie off the main roads and be able to be safe.
Thinking of all of you,

HEY YA'LL!!!! i finally figured out how to get a blog set up! yay for me, right?

anyways, the pictures you have on here are GORGEOUS...i wish i could come visit...i hope you are all really enjoying it out there. but i still can' wait til you get home...

i love you all, and please be safe.

love always,
Kicking Horse
Good Morning to everyone! Ya'll are doing a fantastic job facing the challenges! and sounds like you are having a great time doing it!!
Ya'll exemplify the word TEAM....
Keep up the good work, be safe and can't wait for ya'll to be home again safe...Miss ya'll-Love, Sis
Good Morning Trekkers,
Hope ya'll have a great day. I miss ya'll...
Could ya'll come home now?@#$%^&*
Just kidding, but wish I were there or ya'll were here...
Love, Sis
Hi mom this is your son Michael, I just want to tell you that I miss you and wish that could be with you.Tell everybody that said hi
hey, you guys posted a blog about our ranch? hi, i'm Jay's daughter, Brittany. He told me to look up your guys' website and look for a blog possibly written about our ranch. and boy! was my dad excited to see a blog written about the ranch. thank you so much! and we support you girl 100% we'll keep you in our prayers!
The Lazy T Ranch
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