Friday, March 16, 2007

This was our backyard in Apple Valley. The park could not allow us to stay inside but didn't mind if we camped just outside the fence.
Wanda had been suffering with a tooth and Marla found her a dentist. So.....Thursday morning, Wanda had to have her tooth pulled. We stayed an extra night for her to start feeling better. Friday afternoon, all but Wanda played in the was too cool. We actually climbed all the way to the top and there was a plateau. We found lots of coyote droppings and even a couple of bleached skulls. Thank goodness, no snakes or live coyotes.

Hey girls,

How long did it take Ray to Ride across the USA. Beautiful scenery.

Wanda I hope you are feeling better..

Safe Travel
Abbeville Sc
Beautiful scenery gorgeous pictures!
Love you all keep on trekking.
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