Friday, March 16, 2007
Wanda started suffering with a tooth ache a few days ago. You know the type, sensitive to cold and air.The kind that makes you miserable.Well, while I was on the hunt for the next camp site, I stoppedc at Hooves and Paws (who donated a very nice bale of hay ) and next door was a dentist.Well, with nothing to lose , and everything to gain , I stopped in to see if the Dr. would find a way to give these out of towners some help. There was an angel behind the desk.His name is Eric Sandoval. Not only did he see Wanda without charge, he took xrays ,pulled her tooth,made an impression for her and sent xrays for her hometown doctor. Wanda has no more pain.Thank you so much Dr. Sandoval for your help. You are truely a blessing.


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