Thursday, March 01, 2007
  The Actual Riding

Well, we have completed day two of riding. There was just NO WAY either of us could have blogged yesterday. Trying to hold two horses through the populated cities of CA has been a real challenge. I have to say, with all these horses have been through, they are doing great. We really didn't take any riding pictures during the first day since it was heavily involved with traffic. There were areas of gorgeous scenery but was too involved with managing our horses to even think about taking shots. We did 18 road miles but I'll bet Andi and I ended up having more like 20 miles with the weaving. We were two exhausted women when we got in last night. Since we didn't get out as early as we should have, we were after dark getting to camp.

We have literally had 18 wheelers as close as 3 ft to us in the more congested areas. As we made our way out to Hwy. 126, we had more shoulder but these guys were traveling much faster. I cannot wait to get through this congestion and get to safer areas.

When possible, we ride through the orange orchards that follow along beside the highway. We have literally been able to pick an orange as we ride along. Wish it was all that safe. We have seen tons of gophers and rabbits. Marla got to see a roadrunner today...I want to see one, too.

Keep up the good work Carolina Trekkers!! Ya'll have done great already with getting the two horses and you two safely through some unsafe territory(truckers 3 ft away--wow!!sounds scary!)The horses must be doing great, too. We are back here praying for your safe journey home-Take care,be safe-I miss and love ya'll...Sis
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