Friday, February 09, 2007
Well,we finally made it to Texas.We took our time leaving New Orleans and did a little fixing up on the RV.I guess we left there around 11:00.Poor Jericho had to stand on gravel all night but it was the best we could do.The roads from there to here were very rough and not kind to him.Then as dark fell,the running lights went out on the RV and we had to pull over.We managed to replace a fuse and found a nice campground with a patch of grass for Jericho to be on so maybe he can rest tonight and we can get our lights straightened out and make some good mileage tomorrow.We figure we'll be driving thru Texas for 2 days(or maybe longer depending on how slow Wanda eats!!).Over 800 miles.
We would like to say how much it means to hear from you all.Please drop a line when you can to keep us in touch with home.
Love to you,
p.s. Andi is sleeping out side every night just like she said.I guess she is worried that Jericho will leave without her!
p.s.s.i will try to load some pictures tomorrow of Edie and Wanda weatherproofing the RV

Hello All,

I am so glad to hear that everybody is well. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I check them every day. I like the fact that you keep us posted on your location and well being. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the running lights on the RV. I wish I could be there to help fix them eventhough I know that all of you are quite capable of taking care of this little problem. All of you are very bright women and I have the highest faith in your abilities. We all miss you back home here. We love and miss all of you. I would like to tell mom (Andi) how much I miss her as well. Be safe and watch out for those rattle snakes in Texas. I here the are every where out there! Hugs and kisses to all of you.

Just checking in on you. Well wishes to you all. Wanda, I wish we had been in New Orleans still when you came through, but you just missed us by a few months. Are you all sure you don't want to start the trip back from WA state?! Lol. Take care of yourselves and we'll be watching your progress and looking for pictures.


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