Sunday, February 25, 2007
  We leave Wednesday
I cannot describe how excited I am about our ride home starting on Wednesday. We have had a lot of work to prepare for the ride out and are now prepared. We are waiting until Wednesday because we have to meet the Ventura Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning. We will use the rest of that day to pack and prepare to pull out of here.

David and Val at Angel Haven Ranch have been just wonderful to us. I believe that all Val would want in return is to extend the same kindness to others on our journey. They are very spiritual and generous people. Since Andi is our "writer", maybe she can do a better job of sharing what they have meant to us.

It is hard to leave the friends we make but that is part of the journey. I feel like I am going home, even though it will take a long, long time.

I love and miss my friends and family at home.

I've been meaning to send you guys a message, but, as just got in the way. I've read the blog entries. WOW! Through all the beauty and excitement, I'm sure you miss home. It hasn't a little warm here this week, but I'm holding out through March for at least one SNOW day. Take safe...enjoy!
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