Monday, February 12, 2007
You should see the beautiful things we are seeing.I know you are all saying"we would if you would send them!!!"Wanda is working right now to load them so you will have them tomorrow.
We got started early but ended up leaving late.We stopped at a Cummins dealer who has certified Onan technicians(generator).Well,long story short,it cost us 112 dollars for them to tell us it would cost almost 500 to take it out and look at it.Well...needless to say,our generator still doesn't work.We have decided that Edie and I will purchase a generator to use.That takes care of that!
Funny thing happened today.When we leave a campground,we empty the water holding tank so we don't carry the extra weight.So,as we travel down the road,and the "urge" hits to wee-wee,we wash our hands with no water but there is soap and then we rinse with a gallon jug sitting on the sink.Well...Andi being Andi,took care of her buisness and washed her hands.The light back there isn't always good and she squirted ,not soap, but wood glue on her hands and began wringing them before she realized what she had done.What a stickler!
We are camping just outside of Tuscon tonight and we will get to meet Whiskey tomorrow.We are all excited and even though Edie is keeping her feelings undercover,I know she is the most excited of all.
I would like to say to "cousin Liz" that we got your comment and it sounds like that would be a great undertaking for you!We heard the the Imus show has already gotten wind of us.
ok everyone,that's it for tonight.We really miss you all.Thanks for the calls and the prayers.Thanks for all of the comments you are taking the time to make.It means so much.
Love to all,TTFN.

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