Thursday, February 01, 2007
  Things are coming along
OK , only 5 more days to prepare.Day 6 we will be off and running! And we are so busy.There is still much to do and with this weather ,I feel like we are losing a day.I am going to make the best of it by getting all of my paperwork updated and START PACKING!! I can hardly believe it.We are so close.There is a little sadness as we progress and our time is becoming so short.Our families are realizing that soon,we won't be around everyday and that ,even though we are trying to do a good thing,we will all certainly miss one another.
I would like to say to them all,Thank you for allowing us to make this journey and that I know we are all making a sacrifice in some way.Thank you for supporting us and loving us.
Ok.It's time to get to work.
Love to all,

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