Monday, February 19, 2007
  Thanks to all at Super Gentle Horses

What a sad moment for us...we were leaving such great people or I should say, new friends. I could not be happier with the horse I got from Super Gentle Horses. After watching Sherry manage her facility, there should never be any doubt about any horse she posts for sale on her site or it's characteristics. Not only does she ride each horse but she also has others ride for their input. Some of these riders are kids to assure the safety of a potential buyer.
Charlie is always in the background...taking it all in and managing his own business. His own chassis design for racing ATV's is incredible. Their trophies are evidence of that.
Someone once told me..."you can either have one years experience for twenty years or twenty years experience". If I am not mistaken, Charlie Sumner from Abbeville told me that. If that is correct - I am sure someone had to tell him that because he is not that smart - hahahaha....just kidding Charlie. If you think about this...unless you are willing to learn from others, you never grow and your knowledge becomes limited. After having said that....I wish I could have had more opportunity to just watch Jess Mann. I know I would have been able to learn a lot from him with his style of horse management. Thanks Jess for all you did to help with Whiskey.
I could go on and on...Charles, you are a great young man. You sure made us feel comfortable and welcome - thanks. Emily is also a new found friend that I believe will maintain contact with us.
Take care you guys and thanks for everything. I sure hope we are able to hook back up with you on our ride back through AZ.

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hey guys! its Emily. miss u already! hope u have funn and be safe! good luck! god bless! love ya, Emily
Thanks for the kind words, we look forward to seeing you all agian soon!

Can you edit comments here? I misspelled again.... :( I know Andi will be the first to notice :P
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