Thursday, February 08, 2007
Good morning.We had to upgrade the blogger site and it took a while to figure out what to do!It's 9:45a.m and we are just about to cross into Alabama.We stayed our first night in Palmetto Ga. at South Oaks campground and ,let me tell you, the reaction we get when we say we need to set up a corral for the horse is so funny."Excuse me",the man said.Like he didn't hear me right.Anyway,it was uneventful.Andi slept outside on the asphalt(which she said smelled freshly paved)so she could make sure Jericho was ok and ,of course,Sir Amos was right beside her.It was cold when we woke up and had no coffee so it didn't take long to get packed and moving again.We had a little breakfast and a lot of coffee at the local Waffle house where Wanda and Andi squabbled over where to sit so they could see the trailer!And remember folks,this is only day two.
love Marla

That's GREAT!
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