Monday, February 19, 2007
  Location Update
We actually left Gilbert, AZ (Super Gentle Horses) on Saturday morning. We drove to Parker, AZ and stayed at a little place that allowed us to board our horses and park the RV. We met Willie and her husband Andy. They were very good to us. We wanted a good nights rest before we drove across the Mojave desert. In our mind, this will be the most difficult part of the entire trek. Believe me, there aren't many spots for water or fuel. We made sure to note each one. The scenery was beautiful, we will be able to take a lot of great shots on our way back through. We left Parker Sunday morning and headed to Santa Paula, CA. We lost brakes on the RV and were able to make to necessary repairs. All it needed was a new gasket to the master cylinder and a little extra fluid. It would have been a scary thing to have been pulling two horses behind a heavy old RV and find out you have NO BRAKES. The good Lord has watched out for us in so many ways...this was just another one. Andi had pulled into a parking lot and when she started the RV, the brakes went to the floor. We arrived in Santa Paula late and were exhausted. Once we unloaded the horses, set up the RV...we crashed. We have awakened to more beautiful scenery. Hopefully we can upload a couple of pics tomorrow. I will be stuck in the RV catching up on paperwork.

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I found your blog through MSN's 'Clicked' blog and have been reading your updates. It sounds like you gals have quite an adventure ahead, good luck with everything and I will keep you all in my prayers!

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