Tuesday, February 20, 2007
We woke up this morning and just about 40 yards away at the edge of the "bamboo" there was a coyote walking along the edge.COOL!.
I wanted to tell you all that along the way,every where we have gone,there are people who,themselves,or someone close to them, have been touched by strokes.When we had a little brake problem,just outside of no where,there were two men who where parked in the same lot.Of course we struck up a conversation and Mike had recently suffered a stroke himself.Everywhere we go.Here at Angel Haven Ranch,our host,David and Val know several people as young as 8 years old who have suffered strokes.It is a very active disease and certainly not age dicriminating.

We plan to stay here a week and get well rested before we start home.I am so glad to see that there are so many good people around us.All of our host have not only accepted us onto thier property but have opened thier homes and families to perfect strangers just like people did years ago.I remember my Granmother(rest her sole) talking about about how when she was younger,how they would bring travelers ,or drifters as she called them,in for a hot meal.So maybe times have not changed so much when it comes to kindness of strangers. I can only hope.
I didn't realize how worn out we all were from the trip here.I think we are catching up on our rest and the horses enjoying being off of the trailer..
I love you all and miss home and family.I have
been told that my cat Bud,that has ,at some times,been my only companion for 15 years,has been missing for about a week.Please say a prayer for him that if he has been taken that he did not suffer.
Ok.that's all for now.
Love you all.

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