Monday, February 26, 2007
I love the determination and purpose of these awesome 4 ladies. They are on a mission to help people be stroke aware. I have had at least 3 if not more TIA's I was so scared, I just woke up I couldn't talk or walk, yet I looked like a full blown stroke yet it never showed up or a Cat or MRI. Strokes hide so well until it's at times to late. People when a friend or family member just seems like somethings wrong stop be more aware, it could save a life especially yours. I am so proud of these ladies for doing something special to help one another. Blessings and safe journey. Be well and all who see the Carolina Trekkers say a prayer of thanks for a life that will be saved. Thank-you for joining our family and now you are apart of it. Anyone who see's this, give back to support give what ever you can this will make a difference be apart of this journey to save lives. Thanks dear friends for making everyday a blessings just getting to be apart of it.
Be well drive safe. Valerie & David Lagesse Angel haven Ranch.

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