Tuesday, February 20, 2007
  Hi Everyone
Hello to everyone who has been asking me how come I haven't been blogging... Just so you know, my internet access on my computer is a little more sporatic than on the other computers, so I don't have as much opportunity to blog. I hope now that I installed a wireless card, it will be easier for me to get on line sometimes. It has been a beautiful trip out here and we now sit in the shadow of a gorgeous mountain and I am not even sure of the name of it. It is such an awesome sight... At night, the lights below us are beautiful, but the sight of so many in one place makes me, the lover of rural places, glad I am up here looking down on them. The horses are relaxing and enjoying not having to be loaded every morning into a trailer. We are staying at a beautiful place with our hosts, Valery and David. They are so sweet and hospitable. Good Christian folks... Well, guess I better see if there is something else that needs to be done. To Jessi and Ryan... Thanks for being so wonderful with Naja... give her a pat on the head for me and tell her I love her... Love to you both.... To Robin and her crew... I am indebted to you and your family forever for all your help preparing for the trip... Hug Raven for me.... Love to you all.... To Mr. D and the whole family in Laurens... I love and miss you all... many thanks again... To Jim and Talmadge who are caring for Kiah, many thanks and I love you both... To Julia, Julie, and Jacob who are caring for Evie...I love you...and To my sister, my son, and my family and friends at home.... I love and miss you all more than you know. Can't wait to see everyone again. Well, that's it for now.... (the trouble with letting a writer near a computer... is they don't know when to stop!!) Love, Andi

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