Sunday, February 11, 2007
Good morning.We spent the night in Junction Texas at a little campground called Pecan Valley(cause there were lots of pecan trees).It was off of the highway and the "hosts" had stopped there for 6 months.That was in 2001.I guess they liked it there.Anyway,the Texas landscape is very different and has it's own beauty.The wildlife is just that.The white tail deer are abudant and very social.They come within a few feet of the Rv when we were parked last night.We think they smell the sweet feed for Jericho.I though of my friend Troye and how she would have been out there trying to feed them and pet them.They are everywhere.We have also seen gaggles of wild turkey and antelope ,which of course prompted a round of singing"where the deer and the antelope play".The was a creek running thruogh a park we went through that was as green as grass from the minerals in the water.
We are blessed to see such beauty.
We didn't stop for groceries so we had ramen noodles for supper but that was ok.We will probably do that more than we'd like.
We hope to make it to El Paso today which is just over 400 miles from where we started this morning.
My niece Maggie calls everyday to see where we are and I really look forward to it.
I think the other three are keeping journals of this trip but I think mine will be here for all to see.If you have any quetions please feel free to ask.
I have gotten long winded this morning but there was a lot to share.
Love to all,

Don't feel that you are being "long-winded". We so look forward to the things that you describe to us as you experience them. This way, we get to experience them with you. We appreciate all the detail and descriptions and we look forward to many more months of reading your thoughts. Tell the rest of the gang that I have said hello!

Be safe!
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