Saturday, February 10, 2007
We are about 100 miles east of San Antonio . The last time I was here was in the late70's when I was going to boot camp in the Air Force.Can't say I miss that but it certainly led me to meet some great people and lifelong friends.
Jericho actually laid down and rested last night which was a good thing and relieved Andi so much that she is now sleeping as we ride down the road.This is one of the few times that she will sleep inside!!We got and early start and hope to get quite a few miles behind us today.
The weather is cold and misting rain but certainly not a problem for us.Edie is doing her share of driving and then has to move to the rear of the RV so she can get her buisness work done.It's kind of neat watching her work on the road.She writes and bounces down the road and never misses a beat.
That's all for now.Having to save the battery on this contration so she can work.
Love to all,

We are keeping up with you as you move on down the highway! Is Jericho riding ok, or is it a pill to load him back up every time?
I've never moved a horse that far.

I quess all of you are gettting a little down time for a change, enjoy it--you are about half way!
Hello Gals! Tracie and I have been perusing your blog for the last hour or so. We also checked out the great article in "The Index Journal" on yall. Wooo-hooooo!! Our buds are getting famous. (Will y'all autograph baseball caps or something for us when you get back?? We could probably sell them on EBay for big bucks!)

Seriously---we are both so very proud of all of you. Talking about such a huge undertaking as this is simple, folks do that all the time. But for y'all to work so very hard to make this dream of yours a reality, well; It is almost impossible for us to express how PROUD we are of you!! Not only making your own dreams come true, but helping spread the word about women and strokes is awesome and admirable.

You know we love you gals. Continue to be safe and keep up the great work. Again---GET 'ER DONE!!!
Your OTHER sisters, Annie G and Tracie
hey yall its chris just commenting to say i'm rooting for yall. keeping track of where yall are everyday.TTYL
CHRIS A.K.A southern boy
Hey ladies. Sounds like you are all off and running. Miss you big time, but enjoy reading all about everything. I hope someone is keeping a journal. I want all the details. Continue to be safe. Love to you all
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