Monday, February 12, 2007
It won't be long we'll be crossing into New Mexico.We stayed at a very interesting RV park last night.Made us think of the Bates Motel.Anyway,still having electrical problems so we are just trying to get to Arizona where we will be for a week and we can put the RV in the shop.
Jerico is adjusting to the travel and is doing just fine.Sir Amos is the cat's meow and is a wonderful companion.
I'm going to try to load some pictures today so be patient.
Talk to you later...
Love to all,

Don't be all afraid of staying at a place like the "Bates Motel". If Norman ever peeped and saw Edie naked, he would immediately go blind!!! hahahhahha (Yep--should have been LASEN Club--and I KNOW you know what I mean Edie) Okay--had my fun for today at Edie's expense. How can that be a bad thing? I hate you guys are having trouble with the RV. Hang in there. And please be careful! Love ya, mean it! Annie G
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