Saturday, February 24, 2007
  Good Morning
Wow! Today is such a beautiful day in the shadow of this mountain that I still don't know the name of... As anxious as I am to get on the road toward home... I will miss Angel Haven Ranch and the people here.

After a week of rest for Jericho and I, I saddled and rode him yesterday. I was so proud of him. He is a great little horse. He had a hard time getting to my heart because I had to have Fancy, (my 28 year old paint mare) put down in March and for awhile, I felt like I was betraying her if I got close to him. That is all over now... Fancy would approve if she could see how good he is and how happy I am to be riding again. When I retired her, I tried to retire me... but you know how that goes... Oh yes, I have to share a humility moment... As we all know, when we get older, we have to make concessions for little failings that our body inflicts upon us... first it was reading glasses because the phone book print got smaller and blurrier... then it was the large icons on the computer so I could see them better... Well, after having broken my left knee twice in less than a year, several years ago, and then breaking my right leg above the knee a year or so ago... I discovered that I have great difficulty mounting a horse. Jericho is barely 15 hands and the smallest horse I have had in years, and still it is hard for me. Well, thanks to Sherry of Super Gentle Horses in Gilbert, Arizona, where we stayed for awhile... (God bless her... she came through again...) I can now get on my horse with no problem! She saw the difficulty that I was having and even after trying one of those stirrup extensions... I was having a problem. She sent me the neatest little tri legged foldable tiny platform to use as a mounting block. It has a string attached to it so I can pull it up on Jericho after mounting and put it in my saddle bag. It works great! So all I can say to my wounded pride that has had to accept reading glasses, large icons and now, a step stool to mount... I am no quitter... as long as I can get on them... I will ride! Well, guess I'll close for now.... I love and miss all of my friends and family.... I will be on my way home soon... God bless you all.... Andi P.S. To Ruth... I love you, daughter-in-love... thanks for your support! Dru... I miss and love you... Grandi, J.C... I miss and love you more than you know, son... To Jessi... Thanks for loving my girl... give her a pat on the head. Say Hi to your mom and the crew... Jim and Talmadge... love Kiah for me... Thanks, Hello to all the Hawthorne's, Hugs to my sister, Mary... The same to Mom, Julie and Jacob, Doug and Kayla... and finally.... to Debbie, and my Doc and the others at the Mongomery Center... Thanks for believing in us... we'll be headed home on Wednesday... I love you all.... Andi

Glad the little mounting block worked for you Andi!

You all have a safe trip, we read the blog daily to check on you all.

Love, Charlie and Sherry
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