Monday, February 12, 2007
  Good Morning
We stayed in El Paso last night. This morning we awoke or shall I Say Andi was up and then Edie and then Marla. I did arise finally as you can tell. It was cold to me and I didn't want to move. Before this Edie was up two days in a row, before the rest of us on the inside, moving around which was a big shocker.
Everything is going well. The R,V. has a few electrical problems and the generater dose not want to work but all and all it couldn't be better.
It was great hearing from my niece Angie. I sure hope you continue to wright. Sorry I missed you in New Orlens. I hope you will email me. I love and miss you and hope all is well with you.
It sounds as though all is well with the homefront. That helps to be able to rest a little. I want to thank Jim again.
It is wonderful hearing from everyone. Stay intouch and we will keep you posted as to what is happening.
We love you all,

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