Thursday, February 15, 2007
We made it here on Tuesday in the early morning.Sherry and Charlie have quite a place here. Very different from home.They have 2 1/2 acres and on that there is a beautiful home,a huge barn, a garage where they work on and build racing ATV's ,an arena and a livestock pen.I think I heard there are 13 horses here right now.It's a great place.
Edie found her horse.His name,of course,is Whiskey.He is a 14.2 Appaloosa .He is red with a full white blanket with red spots.Sherry took us into the Santan Mountains yesterday and we rode approx. 8 miles. It was beautiful.Lots of cactus like we see on tv.Whiskey did great.
We are still having electrical problems so the rv is going to the shop today.Sherry and Charlie and their youngsters have taken us in their home while it is being fixed.Hopefully we will be on the rode again by the weekend.
We have some great pictures we'll get posted soon.
There is one more thing.There is a young man here named Charles(after his Dad).He is a "out of the ordinary" teen.He has been very helpful,gracious, and funny.He took us right in as if we belonged.So,"thank you" Charles for being the person you are.We hope you are able to fulfill your dreams of going to college and becoming a machining whiz!Oh,Wanda said "you make a mean omelet!
I guess that's all for this morning.Wanda will get some pictuers uploaded for today.
Once again ,we love and miss you all.

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